WOD Review: Nov 8

08 Nov WOD Review: Nov 8

I joined San Francisco Crossfit a few weeks ago and am working through serious beginner stage. The coaches and other crossfitters kick ass, provide great instruction, and are so friendly. This place rocks.

Today’s WOD Review:
21, 18, 15, 12, 9 Thrusters and Toes2Bar (I subbed Knees2Elbows)

Reached time cap at 20min on the round of 9 which was pretty embarrassing. That said I still kicked my own ass. I need to improve my kipping motion to make that more efficient. My arms are toast in a few minutes just hanging from the pull-up bar and most my time was spent trying to do proper reps of knees2bows. My burning arms and fatigued core brought pukie pretty close. Thrusters (with 20 pound dumbells) were the bright spot. My squat form is getting better as I’m really focusing on my hip flexibility so it is slowly getting easier to get my knees out and into my corners. A long way to go still and need to improve locking out the arms and getting the head through and forward.

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