WOD Review: Nov 10

10 Nov WOD Review: Nov 10

Today’s WOD Review:
Front-squat 5×3 – work up to heavy weight and then complete the sets
Front-squat test – no racking, squat once every 15 seconds, I forget how many minutes it was…
Tabata Burpees

The coach, Carl, gave me some instruction on form and suggested that for the next 8 weeks I focus on super light weight to ensure I’m activating certain muscles that haven’t recovered properly since my knee and ankle surgeries. Therefore, my initial front-squat was just with the bar. I have to tense my muscles so hard through my legs and core to get close to the proper form that even this is very fatiguing.

The front squat test I added 20lbs and completed all sets. This is a killer on your arms but great practice for getting flexibility up top and getting the bar on top of your chest.

Tabata Burpees. Just brutal. Lost count the first round and never got it back. Gotta work on keeping track and logging my baselines.

Awesome workout.

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