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20 Apr Solve a single problem

I like to get people fired up in the work place.  I like when the positive energy is palpable and teamwork is turned up to 11.  I decided to make some motivational posters for the work place that will hopefully remind everyone that we enjoy what we’re doing, we’re good at it, and we’re not going to let it be boring.  I went on my merry way crafting some images hoping to print them as posters.

That done, I perused about five “Make your own poster” sites.  A few sites immediately turned me off because they did a lot of things I didn’t need like adding text or touching up my image.  They didn’t do a number of things I expected them to do: provide a good preview of what my poster would look like, let me know if any resizing of my picture had been done, were they adding a border to my image.   I wasn’t going to pay money if I wasn’t sure what my final poster looked like.

I landed on PosterBrain and, within two minutes and with under 7 clicks, I had my poster finalized, paid for, and on its way for next day delivery.  I received personalized email confirmations, when I emailed them with a question they responded within a minute.
This company is a fantastic example of finding a specific need and focusing their efforts on what is most critical to fill that need.  They aren’t printing t-shirts, coffee mugs, toilet paper: just posters.  They don’t have image editing tools to make your picture look like a water color painting, they don’t let you add text on top of it.  Good.  I don’t need those things.  There are 50 free apps to do those things. All they do is take your picture and turn it into a poster.  They sprinkle on stellar customer service and they’ve got a winner of a website.  One I’ll pay to use again and again.

All too often, web companies focus on the number of different features they offer and lose sight of solving the specific problem they initially set out to solve.  Know what core problems you’re solving for, maintain that focus, and your customers will thank you.

Thanks Poppy!  Thanks PosterBrain.

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