Learnings from a journey in Freelance Webdesign

13 Dec Learnings from a journey in Freelance Webdesign

ChaseNelsonDesign is a one-man shop (me). Since high-school, I’ve worked on and off as a hobby helping friends by building their websites . Three years ago I attempted to make that hobby my only source of income by choosing the profession of freelance web developer. I fell a bit short as my initial clients never got their start-ups off the ground leaving me with nothing of a portfolio and a very inconsistent and marginal income. At the time, I had all my eggs in only one or two baskets and I was able to maintain that freelance business for only 6 months.

In that experience, I was a horrible salesperson and an equally bad negotiator. On having identified two potential clients through referrals I made no attempt to market myself via the web or otherwise. The terms of both of my contracts didn’t guarantee me any money up front and left me very little if the site was never ‘pushed live’. With nothing ‘in the funnel’ and very little cash I decided to turn back to the 8-5 workplace and regroup.

I haven’t returned to a life of full-time freelancer but I still hone my craft and business skills taking on occasional web development work. My latest project launched at the end of the summer and I missed my opportunity to announce it. So here is my self-promotion piece of the week:

You should really check out my latest web development project here

I look forward to your feedback!

  • Matt
    Posted at 12:39h, 23 December

    Looks good man, what was your roll in this one?

  • Matt
    Posted at 12:41h, 23 December

    Looks good man, did you do the do it all? Not a huge fan of Word Press but then again I really have not even given it a chance… oh well… hahaha

  • admin
    Posted at 21:57h, 26 December

    I did all the dev. A graphic designer handed off the UI to me as jpegs.

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