I Walk

26 Apr I Walk

Walking Hat Creek Rim, Mt Shasta in the distance

It is with great hope that I walk near to far,
It is with wind in my face and peace in my heart.

The past melts behind me, each step towards the next.
Each step is my living, a life, a trek.
I kick dust of a million years and a million stories.
It swirls around me, blessing me as I move calmly forward.
The way ahead is unclear yet clear enough.
If I look too hard the seeing is tough,
I see as far as I need to see.
I see the step right in front of me.
I have faith that a trail exists beyond here,
A way will be clear when I arrive there.
I don’t bother thinking but feel instead,
Feel the earth and shut off my head.

I feel my body and my heart as they are in this place,
The heat on my skin, the moisture on my face,
That builds in the form of drops and then slides,
Salty when it reaches my mouth, stinging when it rolls to my eyes.
My lungs expand and drink the air of many of ages past,
The air grandfather breathed when he breathed last,
The air dinosaurs exhaled, the air Amerigo sailed.

My legs move with their own spirit, its own guide,
My body feels the way better than my mind.
My mind rests and watches the world move by,
Millions of tiny miracles between every blink of the eye,
I watch but don’t think. I watch but don’t wonder, don’t ponder,
Just plod. I walk.

One mist of fog or swirl of dust, I am
Amongst this magic, this beautiful land,
This waltz of souls, covered in bark and dusted with snow.
Covered in fur or sand or mud,
Howling at the moon or singing for sun,
I see the future and the past in these mountains
The slow growth of ridges and the carving of grand canyons,
The wilting of flowers and the new bloom each year,
The prey and the predators dance of hunger and fear,
Dying of one is the birth of the other,
Crying or joy for one of their mothers,

The path ahead is not so clear.
And so, it is with great hope,
That I walk, far to near.

  • Mamasonski
    Posted at 12:07h, 27 April

    Very strong imagery. Poetic. Love it. Thank you.

  • Shaundra
    Posted at 09:23h, 08 May

    gives life to the land and all its wonders, puts me into the backcountry and its peaceful patterns. Reminds me it’s not the destination but the journey of through life:) thank you for ur words

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