How Do You Use Google Wave?

07 Feb How Do You Use Google Wave?

I’ve been toying with Google Wave for the past two months and am really interested to hear how other people have used this tool?

Google Wave has become my new collaborative brain-storming tool of choice.  I maintain an unhealthy list of side-projects.  Each one, I am undertaking with different friends.  For each project, I have a number of waves going at any given moment.  I invite all the contributors into the wave, give it a title like ‘Redesign Data Model’, and let the brainstorming begin.  We can embed images of data models, use the poll gadget to vote on certain decisions, or just throw out ridiculous ideas to get the creative juices flowing.  As each contributor’s creativity ebbs and flows, they can hop on wave and jot their thoughts.

Looking for other cool ways to use GoogleWave, I stumbled on this mashable post.  Although most of these examples aren’t that pragmatic, they’re entertaining.  I’m interested though, in hearing how others have used GoogleWave and what they’ve thought of it.  Let me know.

And if you want an invite – I got a few left – just ask.

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