Hike Nears Its End – A Call For Questions

22 Aug Hike Nears Its End – A Call For Questions

Barring any extraordinary disaster, unforeseen stress injuries, alien abduction, or government assassination attempts, the long journey is approaching its end. The thought has been unavoidable since entering Washington. The countdown of miles means everything will change. The count stands at about 260 miles. I will resupply two more times before the finish line. I just hiked 100 miles in 3 days. I will hike no more than ten more days in this journey. Ten more days of hiking to before I hang up the PCT and an epic 4+ month journey winds down.

I’m not sure what I’ll do next. With everything in storage I have all the options in the world. Careers I’ll be immediately looking into include: Professional Adventurer, Smoke Jumper, Back Country EMT, Competitive Beard Grower, and Backup Quaterback for the 49ers. The day dreams on the trail have been endless and enjoyable and soon it will be time to dive headfirst into the next adventure. Whatever it is, it will be epic, I assure you. But that’s a different chapter.

Before, I hang my hat on this trip, while I’m in the midst of the trail, in the heat of the battle, I wanted to try to explain what this is like. It is hard for me to do without your help. Things on this trail have become so normal so quickly that I’m not sure that I can be trusted to pick out the extraordinary aspects of it.

That being said, this is a call to arms. I need your help.

If there is anyone reading this filth, what are your burning questions for this hiker, this wanderer, this rambling man?

I welcome any and all questions in the comments and hope to answer them in future posts.

  • KJ
    Posted at 23:10h, 22 August

    What’s your spirit animal?

  • Matt
    Posted at 09:11h, 23 August

    Can you keep writing your blog even after you’re done, so those of us sitting in our offices can continue to believe the adventure hasn’t ended, and can continue to live vicariously through you on the trail? Maybe just keep going north into Canada? Or turn east and hike the border line to over to Maine?

  • Chase
    Posted at 10:42h, 23 August

    For you, Matt, I will do my best.
    KJ, I’ll get back to you on the spirit animal.

  • Doug
    Posted at 17:44h, 23 August

    Try walking the pilgrimage route, Via Francigena, from Canterbury to Rome. Less well known than Camino de Santiago de Compostello, but historically more important. Write a best selling travel book full of wry observations, and you’re all set.

    Good luck on finishing the trip.

  • mamasonski
    Posted at 01:29h, 25 August

    Where were you when you had your aha moments? Describe what it was like to be back at the 3 sisters. How will you forgive your parents for sending you there the first time? What do you now know about yourself that this trip helped clarify? What does it feel like in your body now that you have achieved this amazing feat (after you consider the pain, strain and other temporal issues)?
    How has your knee and your ankle served you on this trip?
    What food will you never eat again? What food has best sustained you? What does food mean to you?…I could go on… No surprise there? Where were you when you heard you were an unkie again and that the child is your namesake? What dance did you do then?

  • Matt
    Posted at 09:11h, 26 August

    OK your mom has by far the best questions. I want answers to all of those.

  • Mamasonski
    Posted at 12:06h, 26 August

    …and what does a fresh peach taste like?

  • Kofi
    Posted at 08:55h, 27 August

    When are you back in Cali?
    At what point in your journey did you come to the realization: “I could take bear.”

  • GoalTech
    Posted at 07:01h, 30 August

    Thanks for the blog. I just hiked McKenzie Pass to Willamette Pass and ran into 100 thru-hikers. It was a great time. How many calories do you eat in a day on average? What impacts that and how do you adjust it? What tricks have you learned to multipurpose things to reduce weight? What do you do if anything to prevent injury? (Your feet ever get numb in spots). Great job!

  • B
    Posted at 15:50h, 04 September

    If I go pee, do I get a sticker too?

  • mamasonaki nelson
    Posted at 16:23h, 06 September

    B – you get a 9er sticker so long as I don’t have to witness the performance.

  • mamasonaki nelson
    Posted at 16:33h, 06 September

    Yo, Cowboy…where are you holding up???

  • Stacy
    Posted at 14:43h, 07 September

    What is it like to be back? What sounds do you miss on the trail? What happened to Birdman? What are your biggest adjustments?

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