Go time: San Diego Bound

19 Apr Go time: San Diego Bound

Up until 3:30am last night getting map and resupply drops ready. No time like the last minute to handle your navigational and nutritional needs. I’m now dependent on my mother for these critical drops. Let’s be honest, I couldn’t be in better hands.

All my stuff fits in the bag. The bag made it through airport security with my trauma sheers, trekking poles, and nail clippers. Growing up watching MacGuyver (sp), you can go ahead and consider me armed and dangerous.

Airports are always the best goodbye to the “civilized” world as people are often at their worst in these environs. Constant scowls, exuding impatience, overcharging for coconut water, and breathing in my reserved space. Just terrible.

And so it begins, as it is so apt to do, with a bit of excitement, some steely nerves, a salty distaste for SFO, and the prospect of feral pleasures in Tijuana.

Strike “the feral pleasures in Tijuana.” Add “a lot if hiking”.

I’m headed for San Diego.

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