Gear Review: Tent – Big Agnes FlyCreek UL2

02 Dec Gear Review: Tent – Big Agnes FlyCreek UL2


BigAgnes Fly Creek UL2

Big Agnes FlyCreek UL2

Tested over 138 nights on the Pacific Crest Trail. Tested over 2 nights on the West Coast Trail. Evening temperatures ranging from 25 degrees to 65 degrees F. Three season conditions: High winds, dumping rain and hail, a veritable creek was running underneath my tent one evening, snow flurries. Not tested with heavy snow.

Yay Setup.

Very easy and quick setup. Even in a downpour, it’s ease and quickness minimizes wetness inside the tent. Could be easier and straight up amazing if no stakes were required at all to get a taut setup. You will need at minimum 2 stakes in dry weather for a taut tent.

Yay Stability.

High winds and downpours didn’t matter when I was in this shelter (staked down). We experienced 60+mph winds and the tent was a champ.

Yay Weight.

2lb 10oz. For a stable and easy to setup shelter this is a great compromise.

Meh Size.

I went with the two person tent. It would have been way too small in a one-person tent. I like the ability to bring my gear in and give it a chance to dry. Additionaly, you don’t want to be touching the sides of this tent. If you are, moisture and cold will transfer through very quickly.

Meh Durability.

I had issues with the zippers within the first month of use. The zippers stopped sealing and it could take 5 minutes of trying and retrying to finally get them to seal. Just to redo all of the song and dance when I need to piss at night. Otherwise, durability was great. Over 5 months of sustained use, there was only one tiny hole in the netting at my feet.

Nay Wetness.

Condensation can form very quickly with the rain fly on this tent. You must have the fly extraordinarily taught in order to avoid it touching the netting underneath. Raining, dew, or condensation were a serious issue. If I ever touched the sides of my tent, wetness would transfer through or drops would form somewhere and begin to get my down quilt wet and immediately cold. It was hard to identify exactly how and why this was happening but alas it was.

Yay Overall.

I was so thrilled with my decision to get this tent. I’d love to be comfortable enough with just tarbs to travel with even less. But, until that day, I’ve found my new shelter. The quality of work and thought that obviously goes into these shelters is wonderful.

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