Gear Review: Shoes – Lone Peaks 1.0 by Altra

02 Dec Gear Review: Shoes – Lone Peaks 1.0 by Altra



Lone Peak 1.0 by Altra Zero Drop

Note that they no longer carry the Lone Peak 1.0. I can’t vouch for the 1.5. Tested 700 miles at a time. One pair lasted me 1100+ miles through ran, snow, rivers, sand, rock, mud, the works.

Yay Dryness.

These shoes dry so very quickly. Please note that they don’t keep your feet from getting wet. But, they dry very quickly. I could trudge through a river and soak these to the core. They would be dry within 5 minutes of continued trudging (weather permitting). This was an amazing feature on a through hike with so many river crossings and fords.

Yay Comfort.

So much room for my swelling feet and my spreading toes. I can hardly put one any other shoes now as they feel like they are restricting my natural motion. With these shoes, your feet feel free and active. Note that you’ll have to be used to minimal shoes. You do feel sharp rocks a bit more than super padded shoes. But, if you’re running or walking consciously this is a non-issue. Amazingly comfortable shoes.

Yay Weight.

Lightweight. So importance for a long trek when every ounce adds up over 2600+ miles.

Yay Durability.

Easily last 700 miles without losing comfort. At 700 miles, I would get holes in the top netting from my toes rubbing from within and from contact on the outside. That said, even with holes, I wore these for another 600 miles. I still have them. 3 pairs over 2600+ miles. That is a durable shoe!

Nay Mudflap.

There is a mudflap on the back of this shoe. All it seemed to do for me was ensure that I shoveled sand into my other shoe. Perhaps this is my particular stride. That said, it was supremely annoying at times. A non-issue if you aren’t running or hiking in sand.

Yay Tread.

I call this shoe 3 season tread. I felt comfortable on snow, on wet rock, dirt, fording rivers. Only on the most slippery ice and moss did my tread fail. I consider that totally acceptable. Other minimal shoes lose tread altogether. This retains the trust in tread that you get with all hiking shoes. Particularly with a design that keeps your feet active in the process of walking.

Yay Overall

One of my favorite pieces of gear and discoveries of this trek. I’ll recommend these shoes to everyone until they change the design. Trail running, hiking, cross training, living.

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