Gear Review: Pack – Exos 46L by Osprey

02 Dec Gear Review: Pack – Exos 46L by Osprey



Exos 46L by Osprey

Tested over 140 days of continuous use on the Pacific Crest Trail. Daily average of 23lbs in the pack. Was drenched in rain and dried thoroughly in the desert.

Yay Size.
At 46Liters, the design of the pack provides plenty of storage for a thru-hike. Only when I had a bear cannister and 7 days of food was it really pushed to the limit. As big as it’s capacity was, it wasn’t overly large. Nice and compact.

Yay Ventilation.
A unique feature of the Osprey Exos, the aluminum frame with mesh ventilation, is amazing. It allows you to sweat normally without creating additional areas for chafing and allows your core to cool as you work hard. Additionally, it keeps your bag from getting saturated with sweat. Another bonus for a 5 month trek.

Yay Durability.
It lasted 5 months of 12 hour a day hiking with 20-30 pounds. It is still usable. There are signs of wear, holes in the meshing, and deterioration of the shoulder straps. That said, it is still usable and comfortable. That to me is the sign of a durable ultralight bag.

Meh Weight.
Compared to other ultralight bags this is a bit heavier. In my opinion, it is well worth it. Yet, it must be noted.

Nay Adaptability.
I lost 20 pounds on the trail. The waist belts wouldn’t get tight enough to support much weight on my hips. Thankfully my pack was light. However, this created some chafing issues. A more adaptable or replaceable waist strap would have been nice for the thru-hiker.

Yay Dryness.
This bag dried very quickly. It is not water proof and I didn’t care about that. It did dry very quickly though and didn’t hold moisture in really any place. That meant it didn’t hold sweat like other bags and didn’t hold rain. I smelled better and could recover from storms more quickly.

Yay Overall.
Fantastic pack for a thru-hike. Absolutely wonderful choice. I always recommend you find a bag that fits your body well. For me, this fit very well and was supremely comfortable. If I get my base weight even lighter, I may consider an even more minimal pack. For a base weight of 15-20 thought, this is a great bag for your 5 month trek or life on the road. The company’s guarantee also makes this an amazing buy.

Note: Following signs of wear were observed. Holes formed in the mesh against my back, deteriorating shoulder strap, rusting in aluminum frame.

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