Gear Review: MSR Hyperflow MF, Son!

09 Apr Gear Review: MSR Hyperflow MF, Son!

I just returned from a short trip to Henry Coe State Park where a few buddies and I backpacked into Kelly Lake for a night.  I usually take the opportunity with each backpacking trip to try out a new piece of gear.  This time I took along a brand-new untested MSR Hyperflow Micro Filter.

This little guy kicks some serious ass.  First, he’s just a little guy.  Super light and easy to shove into any pocket or corner of my bag. I try to travel as light as possible on my trips and this one passes the weight test coming in at 7.4 oz.

Second, this thing is easy and quick to pump.  I was sitting next to my buddies as they labored with their older and bigger MSR Miniworks Water Filters. Although the Hyperflow is half the size of the miniworks it was pumping twice the water in the same amout of time and was super easy to handle. Size isn’t always everything, Ladies.

Third, setup for first time use is easy as pie.  The device is designed so that you really only need to the instructions to figure out which is the “in hole” and which is the “out hole” [insert San Francisco joke here].

The one drawback is that the spout that ejects fresh filtered water is designed to fit MSR water bottles or bladders.  For me this has always been annoying about most MSR water filters.  They actually give you an adaptor that will fit perfectly to a MSR waterbottle.  It didn’t fit well with either my bladder or water bottle.  If you’re a backpacker you’re familiar with this scenario.  It leaves you holding your water bottle and one end of the pump with a single hand.  This can be a bit precarious when you’re hanging over some running water holding your camelback with 2 liters of water in it just by your pinky finger.  I’m exaggerating a bit, but I do suggest they spend a bit more design time on the filling process now that they have the pump and filter mechanics pretty solid.

Overall, it’s rare that I’m this pleased with a new piece of gear. I’d suggest it to anyone.  I’m sure next years model will be an upgrade but if you need a water filter right now for backpacking trips go get this one.

Oh and check out Henry Coe SP if you’re in the Bay Area.  Beautiful place very close to the city.

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