Gear Review: Camping Quilt – RevelationX 20 from Enlightened Equipment

02 Dec Gear Review: Camping Quilt – RevelationX 20 from Enlightened Equipment

Sleeping Bag/Quilt

Quilt - RevelationX

RevelationX 20 degree from Enlightened Equipment

Tested over 138 nights on the Pacific Crest Trail. Tested over 2 nights on the West Coast Trail. Evening temperatures ranging from 25 degrees to 65 degrees F.

Yay Warm.
I was worried a quilt wouldn’t provide the same warmth. It does. Worry not. With optional zip at the feet and drawstrings at both ends, it is easy to keep this wrapped around you snuggly.

Yay Adaptable.
Many different ways you can use this based on the weather. Tighten the ends for more warmth. Kick your legs out in warmer weather.

Nay Loft.
I got a down bag and I lost a decent amount of loft and warmth. I would see it losing feathers every few days. By the end it was noticeable at a glance although the warmth the bag provided was still sufficient.

Nay Wetness.
I had to be a bit more careful with the down quilt. Dew and condensation required I stop during my trek and wait for sun often to dry my quilt. Dew would significantly affect the warmth of the bag leading to handful of cold spots and some freezing mornings.

Yay Durability.
5 months of use every day and not a sign of wear other than a bit less loft. Packed and unpacked, hung over rocks and bushes to dry. Material held up very well.

Yay Weight.
Super light and packs down very small.

Yay Overall.
This was my first experiment with a quilt. I was supremely happy with the quilt, the quality, the durability. My issues with the quilt had more to do with the decision of down vs synthetic. I like to batter my gear and have it continue to work for me. I don’t like to baby my gear. It takes time. And on long treks time adds up. I may consider experiment with a synthetic quilt next time. I’d recommend this quilt to everyone for 3 season backpacking.

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