Fauxbesity Challenge: The Wrap-up

16 Jan Fauxbesity Challenge: The Wrap-up

I didn’t win the fauxbesity challenge. I’m a very competitive person and this upsets me greatly but the competition was fierce and with a challenge like this everyone wins.

My weigh-ins over the course of the 8 week period are here:

Date	Weight		%
11/7/2011	193.3	0.00%
11/14/2011	191.5	0.93%
11/21/2011	191.4	0.98%
11/28/2011	184.9	4.35%
12/5/2011	190.1	1.66%
12/12/2011	187.5	3.00%
12/19/2011	193.5	-0.10%
12/26/2011	187.5	3.00%
1/2/2012	185	4.29%

My low was actually a 181lb weigh-in which I recorded two weeks in a row before and after Thanksgiving.  Those recordings were taken mid-week and didn’t count as official weigh-ins. I did get cocky half way through and fell off the program with some family in town.  No excuses though – play like a champion.

On the final day, I tried to make a comeback by using this hot bath dehydration method. I last an hour in the bath and lost a bit over 3lbs in that period of time.  It was really hard to stay in the tub as prescribed and I have a whole new respect for guys that are about to shed 15-20 pounds in a single day doing this.  Nuts. This is not fun at all.

In the end, the victor lost almost 20lbs and I send my praise (and money) his way.  I look forward to giving this a shot again next year.

  • Jesse
    Posted at 20:33h, 17 January

    Seems like doing this over the holidays makes it twice as difficult?

  • Chase
    Posted at 21:18h, 17 January

    Oh yeah. Much harder with so much more temptation.

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