Faux-besity Challenge: Week 1 Review

17 Nov Faux-besity Challenge: Week 1 Review

A friend of mine, codename Jorg Jorgensen, suggested that we have a weight-loss challenge…over the holidays. It sounded like a good opportunity to win and therefore I took him up on the challenge. We’ve rallied together a group of like-minded faux-bese friends and family to take part in the challenge.

Challenge is taking place from November 7th to January 1st. The winner is the individual that loses the highest % of their total body weight during that time.

Start: 193.3 lbs
Week 1: 191.5 lbs

I plan to dominate in this competition through hard work, discipline, treacherous undermining of my competitors. Stay tuned for details my program, progress and undermining.


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