Cruising Across Oregon

29 Jul Cruising Across Oregon

Ashland was a blast. Full of Indian food buffets, free haircuts, a BBQ, and some free outdoor theatre. I was ready to get back ok the trail though when the time came.

Canada is calling to me. It’s a strong pull North. It’s hard to imagine slowing or stopping anywhere for long at this point. Birdman and I charged out to put 20 on the board Friday. The next day he set out early and I did t see him all day. He had plans to bird at the lakes so I figured he took a turn off somewhere. He’s building his Oregon bird list and meeting his wife up North a bit.

I’m itching to get to Canada so I’ve pushed on. I’m hoping he catches me soon or at least in Washington.

Otherwise, I’m pushing into the wilds of Oregon and searching for the elusive yetti.  None sighted yet although I heard some unidentified crashing through the woods and am pretty sure it was a ‘squatch.

Put it my biggest day yet yesterday doing 37 and rolled into Crater Lake after 22 miles today at 1pm. My body is feeling remarkably good. I’ve been reading Born to Run, which someone left in the trail. It’s a fantastic book and has me running down the trail like a wild man at times. My form actually feels better when I’m running so when my feet get sore I’ll jog for a bit. The pack bounces a bit too much to sustain it but it’s a lot of fun.

Oregon has been a rolling gentle trail so far. I hear the first should thicken and water will be plentiful again soon. I look forward to it all.

Big Love!
– Strong Silent Cowboy

  • Claire House
    Posted at 18:42h, 29 July

    Chase, I miss you!

    We have your Birdman here. Sounds like he’ll be back on the trail again by tomorrow AM. Has there been much smoke from the forest fires? It’s really bad down here, and I saw on the news today that there was some fire further up north as well. Perhaps you are powering ahead of it all.

    Glad you liked the ricey-bites! I am having some strong trail angel urges and I haven’t even read that book!

    🙂 Claire

  • Chase
    Posted at 13:09h, 01 August

    It’s been very smokey the last few days. We had a thunderstorm yesterday and looked like lightening struck near the trail. Seemed to start a small fire but hard to tell as I was already 10 or so miles past.

    Feed your angel urges. The surge is coming soon if you feel the need to hang at the trail and give rides or cold drinks.

  • Mamasonski
    Posted at 13:24h, 01 August

    I am thinking of Firecatcher when I picture you running ahead of the fire. I can picture your bliss. Yeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaa!

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