Casa De Luna – Angels Strike Again

30 May Casa De Luna – Angels Strike Again

After Agua Dulce, U-turn, Birdman, and I struck out with the sun setting toward Green Valley, CA. It was 24 trail miles and we had it in our minds to do most of that by moonlight. Our Mexican food dinner resulted in increased catholin’ but we charged through the night. Stopping just briefly to stare down the glowing eyes of a curious fox. It was a gorgeous clear night, our moonshadows distinct joining us and the trail brightly lit most of the way.

We figured if we could do 18 miles we could reach a well known water cache: Oasis Cache. It was stocked and maintained by some famous trail angels, the Andersen’s.

We spent most our stumbling walk discussing how amazing it would be to crack open a cream soda or a cold beer at the end of a long night hike. Really we would have been excited just for water. When we rolled into the cache at 0030, it was totally dry. Empty soda cans, beer cans, and water jugs mocked us with their stories of recent hikers enjoying themselves. Oh well, we were spitting distance to Green Valley and would be stopping by the Andersen’s place early the next day. There would be time enough for treats later.

The next morning we hustled down to hit the road into Green Valley. We caught a hitch while walking into town and a nice young lady took us to Casa De Luna, the trail famous house of the Andersen’s. Opening the car doors we were treated with a roaring applause from hikers sitting outside. The lady of the house came charging out to greet us with big smiles and big hugs. We were delighted to see some familiar faces: Lalabi, the Swedes, Ice Queen, Sailor Moon, Leftovers, Dinner Time and more.

They had all been there a couple nights and suggested we stay a night in order to enjoy the homemade taco salad the family cooked up each night for hikers. I was very glad to have caught up with the friendly faces. The place had a beautiful manzanita forest in the backyard where I found a nice place to set up camp.

I was, however, very torn about staying. I hadn’t been expecting to spend so much time in towns and at these Angels’ houses. I had just come from another one and wasted the day away waiting for a night hike. Now I was going to waste another whole day? Yup. I was.

It was a good time and I got over the wasted hiking day as soon as an ice cream sandwich and a root beer were in my system. In all, the taco salad was delicious and plentiful, Mrs. Andersen would slap my ass with a wooden spoon for breaking dinner time rules, the next day she got a whole handful when we took a picture together, and she mooned all of us during a group hiker picture. The stop was worth it and I was back on the trail early the next day.

I was off towards Hiker Town and finally the real desert.

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