100% of 10% complete

08 May 100% of 10% complete

Rolling into Big Bear marks 266 miles down. Sign sealed delivered. I repeat the last 16 days 10 more times and I’ll be skipping into Manning Park Canada happy as a clam at high tide. Please hold your Congrats though. This rodeo is just getting warm.

At mile 200 I was miserable. It was desert, narrow rocky knee crushing downhill for 15 miles. The saving grace? The wind. I love a good strong wind. One that tries to pull you off the ridge. One that sneaks up and tries to steal your hat. Always adds a little excitement to the day. We had plenty of it.

We’d push on that day to another trail Angels house. Ziggy and the Bear! (I like to sing it like Benny and the Jets) We rolled in there dust covered looking like Mad Max banditos and were ordered to sit while our feet were put in hot lavender water soaking tubs, gatorades and fresh fruit forced on us. I may have slammed three things of ranch dipping sauce but it a happened so fast I can’t be sure if wasn’t 4.

The vortex wonderland lasted for 3 hours. And, after elevated feet and extensive stretching, we headed out back out of the desert into the hills. With the sun setting we climbed right next to hills of massive wind turbines. Alien machines harvesting our breath, I’m sure.

More and more up. We climbed 3 days to settle into Big Bear.

Still traveling with the birder. Our paces seem to match well and my slowness gives him ample time to gander at every Bush Tit and Thrasher (Those are actually birds. Look it up).

My health has held. I can say I feel better at mile 266, after 3 consecutive 20+ days, than I did at mile 100. Although, I did get my first blister today out of nowhere. I’m pissed and have to reevaluate my system over here to put an end to that business.

The scenery keeps getting better and more extreme. More mountains ahead but also the Mojave waiting to take a shot at us. Gonna be a good tussle. Hope she’s ready for us.

Now I’m gonna do a bit of polar bearing here and jump in this lake. Outside temp of 44. We’ll see if the water is colder or warmer.

  • SB
    Posted at 07:56h, 23 May

    Was the water colder or warmer? Don’t leave us hanging here. I’m betting colder and that it felt amazing.

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