My Story

The Early Years
Born and raised in Sonoma, CA. The wooded hills were my playground and my older brother my uncooperative companion. Aside from meeting the coffee table with my face a few times, my childhood was blessed and I made it out relatively unscathed. I loved playing sports, grew (painfully) to enjoy playing violin, and enjoyed school until about the 4th grade.

Graduating from a very private high school, I moved East to attend Trinity College of Hartford, CT. There I studied all the things I wasn’t allowed to at home and made my way to class occasionally. I spent summer interning as a web engineer and graduated with a B.S. in Psychology .

Upon returning to the Bay Area, I dove right into the corporate grind of software development. It was fruitful, yet brief.


Young Careers

In early 2006, I was starting an exciting life in Florence, Italy.  I taught English in the mornings and tended bar late into the night.  I road my bike through the same streets walked by the Medici family, Leonardo Da Vinci, and home to so much history.  Riding home each night I’d cruise across an empty and moon-lit Ponte Vecchio.  Six months into this adventure, I was clipped by a car riding my bike to work one night, suffering a shattered ankle, and returned home to recover in  Northern California.

Returning disheartened to California, I found new vitality back in Software design. My natural desire for NEW experience took me to a new job every couple years – with WorkforceLogic designing Human Resources software for Fortune 500 companies, to doing freelance web design, to an education non-profit called GreatSchools.org, and back to WorkforceLogic. I learned in this that what I loved was the system design process and designing toward an optimal user experience. Striving to make great software that was easy to use became my passion and I tried to share that in different ways wherever I went.

In 2012, I was “liberated” when WorkforceLogic was sold. I left for surfing and backpacking through Brazil and adventure came along for the ride. Months later I’d return to freelance as a UI/UX design Consultant. This stint included some of the coolest work of my career working with DARPA on an exploratory cyber intelligence project. Now, I’ll watch for drones following me the rest of my life.


The Here and Now

In 2013 I left the security and stability of my lucrative software career path to explore the inner limits. I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, returned to get my Wilderness EMT Cert, and moved to McCall, Idaho. There, I’ve learned to ski, raft guide, and am refining a more balanced lifestyle.

Here, I will record what I learn along the way.  In the end, when dementia or alzheimers takes hold I’ll have something to read and reread…and reread.

Work Experience

Patrol Candidate – Tahoe Backcountry Ski Patrol – Truckee, CA – 2016

Raft Guide – Salmon Raft – McCall, ID – 2015

Hiker of PCT – Cost Center – Somewhere in the West, USA – 2013

Senior User Experience and Interaction Designer – Freelance – San Francisco, CA – 2012

Product Manager – WorkforceLogic – Sonoma, CA – 2010-2012

Web Project Manager – GreatSchools.org – San Francisco, CA – 2008-2010

Implementation Manager/Business Analyst – WorkforceLogic – Sonoma, CA – 2007

English Teacher – Instituto Americano – Florence, Italy – 2006

Bartender – Amadeus – Florence, Italy – 2006

Business Analyst – WorkforceLogic – Sonoma, CA – 2005

Engineering Intern – WorkforceLogic – Sonoma, CA – 2002