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I am a writer, WEMT, explorer, and designer.

I can’t help but whistle solos to pop tunes.

I am a Cancer with Leo Rising.

I dance constantly when home alone.

I was raised in Northern California. But now find myself in McCall, Idaho.

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  • ColoradoInstagram
    Use Social Media for Personal Growth

    When I go to post on my blog, or Facebook or Instagram, I stop myself. A part of my mind tells me: You’re just bragging. No one cares. Stop being so boastful. I have this judgement about myself because of how I’ve judged others. I......

  • Erin grinding and mile crushing on the home stretch.
    Winter is Coming

      I’m getting so excited. Little puppy tail wagging slipping across wood floor excited. Like little puppy piddling on your shoe excited. That kind of excited. See, I grew up in a place that had no snow. As a child, a handful of times a......

  • riverguide
    Summer New, Summer Done

    Summer comes and goes. Just about the time you start thinking it’ll never end, you wake up and realize the chill is setting in. The mornings bring a shiver and are slow to brighten, slow to warm. My summer, with the arrival of the bright......


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